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Meditation Classes @ Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center

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Meditation Made Easy: Discover how easy meditation can be in this 90-minute introduction class. Instead of watching your mind, get deeper within your own Divine Essence by using the shortcuts that yogis specialize in. Named Svaroopa® Vidya, this meditation methodology is based in yoga’s tantric system. In a single class you will learn the goal and purpose of meditation as well as the how-to basics. You can ask your questions and be ready to add meditation to your lifestyle.  This course comes to you at home, giving you a taste of deep meditation while you're staying safe and healthy. What an excellent time this is for learning meditation. We look forward to serving you in this way.

Unlocking Meditation Services:  
Find out how do they do it, sitting still for so long. What are they doing in there?  Learn how to access the peace and ease of deep meditation in this course. It takes only three class meetings to get from busy mind to the inner depth and dimensionality you always wanted. Meditation becomes one of the reliable highlights of your day.  Learn the tricks for how to sit comfortably even if your body isn’t perfect. Find out how to use your mind to get beyond your mind. This course makes meditation accessible for you, and supports you in the process of getting your home practice going. Especially at this time in our lives, meditation is even more important!  This course is for new & beginning meditators only.

Meditation Home Practice:
 Set yourself up for success in meditation. A regular, consistent meditation practice brings you all the benefits you’ve heard about and even want: inner clarity, creativity, peace, healing and happiness. Meditation only works when you do it.  Learn what works and figure out how to apply it personally. Study sutras from yoga’s ancient texts that underlie these strategies for meditating regularly. Develop a practical system for attaining the promised results. Explore which approach to meditation will work best for you, even make you look forward to your meditation period.  Your take-away is individual, empowering you to make a choice about when and how you meditate as well as why. When all these factors line up, you wouldn’t want to miss a day! A day without meditation would be like a day without eating — you can do it, but why?  Let us know you’re coming by registering online, then we’ll send you the connection codes and information for how to connect. You will learn the basics of Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation and be able to continue on your own.

Where is My Mind?  Finding and using your mind, without it using and abusing you, is a great attainment. Meditation gives you a new relationship with your mind, empowering a new level of focus and clarity that helps you master the world. More than the outer world, it is the inner world that meditation explores. Learn how to do it safely and wisely, with ever deepening levels of dimensionality and bliss.  By learning Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation, you harness the power of your mind to go beyond your mind. The innermost levels of your being become accessible in an easy and profound way, simply by following the lead of the ancient sages who mastered this technology. We are riding on the shoulders of spiritual giants! We need only apply their time-tested teachings in our modern world.  Discover both the power and the limitations of your mind as well as how to deepen into your own innermost essence. In one class, you’ll have the basics and be able to apply them in your life. You may also discover that, like with a taste of something delicious, you want more…

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