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Summer Camps with Code Ninjas in Chester Springs

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Code Ninja's
At CODE NINJA’s kids learn to code while building their own video games. They gain problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment.
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A Bit of micro:bit Magic 
At A Bit of Micro:Bit Magic, ninjas will learn to plan, tinker, and get physical with the BBC Micro:Bit microcontroller. Campers can expect to explore programming in an exciting new programming language released specifically for the new version of the Micro:Bit called Microblocks. For those who prefer to build and create projects with a different coding language, MakeCode Blockly and JavaScript will also be available to campers. The new Micro:Bit will allow students to build a variety of exciting and challenging projects and learn how to test sound and music!

Become a Youtuber!
Campers will learn the basics of YouTube and design a custom video thumbnail for their own personalized YouTube video tutorial. The Become a YouTuber! camp advances existing Scratch, Roblox or MakeCode skills as campers create a more complex game that requires additional loops, inputs, and movements. Campers will then complete the final step to become a vlogger by uploading a video tutorial for their Scratch game.

Building the Beat: A Music Coding Camp
Campers will learn how to program music in an application called Sonic Pi at Building the Beat: A Music Coding Camp. They will learn the basics of music such as notes, samples, effects, and parameters along with the basics of programming including loops, variables, threads and more. Sonic Pi is a free and open-source environment, so campers can continue working on their songs even after camp is over!

Code Your Own Arcade from Scratch 

Code Your Own Arcade from Scratch allows ninjas to explore different programming concepts as they create various games – including Block Stacker, Catch Cats, Dodgeball and Red Light, Green Light – using a block-based programming language called Scratch. Each game focuses on a different type of block (or programming concept) and provides campers with extra tools to use in their own games. Concepts include variables, loops, functions, animation, clones, video detection, audio detection and more!

Code Your Own Arcade from Scratch Jr. 
In Code Your Own Arcade from ScratchJr, JR ninjas will?build a foundation of basic coding concepts by creating various ScratchJr games – such as Space Jam, Secret Agent and Maze Olympics.?By remixing these games as their own, ninjas will learn game design concepts, including how to?make their own backgrounds and characters, create and hide objects and code arrow keys!? 

Designing Modifications with Minecraft 
In Designing Modifications with Minecraft®, campers will learn how to manipulate and master Minecraft® by making their own mods (modifications). Using basic block-based coding, ninjas will learn procedures, conditionals, and variables. They will create 2D and 3D textures for use in their Minecraft® world along with their very own custom content, including weapons, armor and even enemies! 

DIY Website: Build Your Own Fan Page!
In the DIY Website: Build Your Own Fan Page! camp, ninjas will gain a foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Campers will learn how to use these three essential computing languages together for creative website development. Throughout the camp, ninjas will work together on various project prompts. Ninjas design and develop their own website, a fan page featuring personal interests, and then showcase projects at the end of the week.  

Hackers Wanted: Uncover the Code in Roblox
Ninjas familiar with Roblox will take their Roblox skills to the next level with Hackers Wanted: Uncover the Code in Roblox. Campers learn fundamentals of scripting (coding) and dig into the game making side of Roblox to move from being a player to becoming a developer. Using the Lua programming language, ninjas will create their own timed, sudden-death Roblox game along with an interactive obstacle course game. At the end of camp, ninjas will showcase their game, play their peers’ games, and then publish their creation to the Roblox world. 

MakeCode Arcade with Meowbit
During the MakeCode Arcade with Meowbit camp, ninjas will learn how to code video games and bring them to life on their handheld gaming device, a Kittenbot Meowbit! Campers will learn the power of coding with either MakeCode (a visual block-based coding environment) or JavaScript to create their own retro video games and see their games come to life in the physical world on the Meowbit!

Potential UNLOCKED: Become a Roblox Developer 
In Potential UNLOCKED: Become a Roblox Developer, campers learn the basics of game building and creative development in Roblox an exciting, user-generated online gaming platform similar to Minecraft®. Campers will use Roblox to create much more than just a game! Open to all levels of experience, this camp will teach ninjas how to plan, design and build their own 3D world. Potential UNLOCKED: Become a Roblox Developer is a hands-on, fully guided experience led by our awesome team of Code Senseis. 

Program and Play in Python
Program and Play in Python is a crash course on the Python programming language – no previous coding experience required! Campers will code a strategy action game called Attack of the Vampire Pizzas! entirely in Python. Our Code Senseis will guide ninjas as they modify the game to create their own unique versions. In this camp, ninjas will boost core coding skills while learning and playing with friends! 

Storytelling and Moviemaking in Minecraft
In this camp, ninjas will gain an understanding of the digital modeling processes and storytelling as they build scenes in Minecraft® and produce stories in their digital world. They will also be introduced to video recording, editing, and mixing audio as they produce their final stories as short movies. Using Minecraft® as a creative medium, campers will have fun expressing themselves and sharing their stories with friends. 

Storytelling with Scratch 
In Storytelling with Scratch, campers will learn how to express themselves and let their creativity shine through code! Campers will work together to have fun crafting silly, scary, and themed stories in Scratch, a kid-friendly, visual programming language. Each team’s imaginative stories will then be shared to everyone as a group. Through this experience, campers will level-up their knowledge of basic coding concepts as well as their storytelling abilities.

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