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Teen Art Workshops at Chrysalis Art Center

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The instructor is following all the CDC guidelines for a safe and fun ART class!

Teen "Art" Workshops (ages 12+)Teen workshops are for young artists looking for a small community of creative thinkers. Come be inspired by others and the studio atmosphere. Enjoy one or all of these three day summer workshops this summer. Use your skills to build on, request guidance from experienced artists and come up with artwork to springboard into the next level of quality. Show work in the gallery if you are ready to share. Focus on style or technique pursuing your area of interest. Can’t think of which direction to go-brainstorm with us!

Lunch Bunch Teens:
Workshops will be held Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 12:30-3:30pm. 
These classes are held indoors and outdoors weather permitting, bring a lunch, drink and snacks as needed, big art T-shirt recommended for protection from messy projects
NOTE: Bring a list of portfolio requirements if you are headed to art school/college, or working on a merit badge.

LUNCH BUNCH Workshop Topics.  (T/W/TH- 12:30-3:30pm)
Painting (acrylics & water colors)
Oil Painting (water mixable)
Pet Portraits in colored pencil (guest artist)
Fiber Arts
Paper Arts (including papermaking)

Ceramics* Workshop
There hasn’t been much time in the art room this year, but maybe you would like to make a vase, lifelike head, a sculpture of you dancing, mother holding a child, try a decorative bowl or serving plate. So much in our homes are made of ceramics. The glaze is the satisfying finishing touch. Use your humor to create a special piece or design a solution to an organizational problem in your room. Maybe you love candles and you want a stand that is unique to your favorite culture.
Ceramics* are clay pieces fired to a hard durable "bisque" then "glazed" with a powdered glass paint which is fired again to create a hard, slick, waterproof, brilliant colored surface.
(please allow 2 weeks for the drying time, firing, glazing, re-firing processes)

Painting Workshop (acrylics & watercolors)
Compare different types of watercolor paints on different surfaces, experiment with innovative styles, share your own techniques and explore your preference for abstract vs realistic subjects. Work on color mixing, layering, combining watercolor pencil and wet methods, drybrush, ink over for final details. Try pen aire working outside on a landscape or springhouse study.

Drawing Workshop
Love to draw with graphite, charcoal, colored pencil or pastels? Let’s experiment with all of these looking at faces, figures, animals and still life this summer. Work in a studio setting, surrounded by emerging artists’ work. We will all be at different levels of experience so be prepared to learn and be inspired by others. If you have a sketchbook bring it with you and remember why you love to draw! 

Oil painting (water mixable)
Oil painting was a favorite of the masters and still is widely used, but the materials have evolved.  Some are even cleanable with soap and water now. Oil paints last a long time and are not as affected by light as other paints. Experiment here and decide which paints are for you, before you invest in a whole set. Definitely wear a paint shirt or smock- this paint is permanent!

Jewelrymaking Workshop
Jewelry is one of the oldest artforms and is worth a trip to a museum to see how the ancient cultures made theirs! Join us for this relaxing and focused project- designing wearable art. We will explore basic beginner necklace, pendant, earrings, and bracelets using the wide variety of materials available today. You will learn how to use tools to make a metal wire spiral, loop, clamp and crimp. The more confident you become the better your designs will become and reflect your personal style. The colors, textures and choices keep you coming back to make more!

Enameling Workshop
Enameling is done by fusing glass powder or pieces to something metal, the art is in the design, colors and various techniques. We will use copper and powders along with bits of spun glass and fuse it together in a small kiln. After it cools, students will polish the copper piece to give it a finished look. Students will have time to make several final pieces. Come try this ancient art form still used today.

Printmaking Workshop
Why make just one picture when you can make many? Design a T-Shirt logo, card series, special prints for your friends and family. Learn how to silk screen, dry point, make several unique monoprints. I met an artist who made live fish prints and then set the fish free! Maybe you will find something that inspires you to make more than just one of something. I learned printmaking in high school and started my own business making team shirts!

Fiber Arts Workshop
There are so many art forms under this umbrella! Which direction you go will depend on your interest-clothing designs, stuffed friend, embroidery, relief art, mixed media critters, you name it we can figure out a way to make it out of fibers (strings, cloth, floss, foam, lace, ribbons). Re purpose a pair of jeans, weave a wall hanging from yarn, ribbon and fabric, come with an idea or we will find what inspires you!

Paper Arts
(including papermaking)

Quilling Workshop
This historic art form has made a resurgence with beautiful colors and contemporary themes. It is defined as a paper filigree that involves the use of paper strips that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs or images. Not unlike the zentangle drawings, you will find yourself quietly immersed in the patterns, colors and small motor work used in this paper craft, losing all sense of time and worry, replaced by purpose and focus-very relaxing!

SAT. Teen Workshop Series 
Macrame Workshop (guest artist) (4 sats. in July)
Macramé, uses the art of knotting rope, to create wall hangings and plant hangers. It was big in the 1970’s when organic living was becoming the trend. You will learn several basic knots, choose from several examples and get faster each day as you master the skills. Plant hangers can be dip dyed to show a color gradient, beads can be added into the knot tying process. Find a beautiful branch/stick to hang your wall hanging from as part of the display. Cotton and hemp rope materials used.

The Chrysalis Art Center is located at: 1475 Conestoga Rd., Chester Springs, PA 19425.

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