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Baton Twirling: Have you ever seen a baton twirler? Baton twirling is a sport that we are bringing back to Pennsylvania. These classes include hand eye coordination, learning to toss, twirls, movements, rolls on the body, marching and all while including dance movements and gymnastics. Baton twirling is a unique sport that is great for all types of performers. You will need a baton, if you do not have one you may purchase one at the studio for $40.00
*Register for our one day camp to learn dance skills and twirling after the holidays. 

Contemporary / Lyrical: Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance and combines elements of all dance genres including modern jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. A focus within Contemporary dance is to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements that can portray a variety of emotions. Students will study across the floor and floor work combinations allowing them to express themselves and move their body in different shapes and forms that are not traditional to other styles of dance. Lyrical dance is a flowing style, filled with emotion, technique and styles.

Ballet: As the foundation of all dance, classical ballet is fundamental to all dancers, gymnasts and baton twirlers.  Our ballet classes are for all ages and levels include a floor stretch, barre work with positions, technique, stretching and arm work as well as center combinations that are both adagio and allegro.  All students will learn the proper posture, carriage, and how to be confident about themselves.

Acro Dance: Acro Dance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. Acro Dancers complete skills or tricks integrating musicality, emotional expression, extension, control and lines. Our Acro Dance program targets dancers to be stronger and more flexible, which will transfer over into other dance forms. Acrobatic Dance is often comparable to gymnastics. With exception Gymnastics is a sport and AcroDance is an art form. Gymnasts are trained to be highly competitive, disciplined, and meticulous athletes, where every fall, wobble, or off-step is a deduction to their overall score and can be the difference between winning and losing. Acro has softer, more lyrical looking lines, with the emphasis being on lengthening “through” the tricks and holding pretty balances with interesting variations. Acrobatic tricks are meant to blend in seamlessly with dance steps, providing an extra level of excitement and flair
to dance choreography. 

Combination Classes:

Perfect for the younger student, our combination classes are designed as an introduction to dance using imaginative exercises to play and learn. Two different dance techniques are introduced that helps with the development of coordination, musicality, loco motor skills, listening awareness while fostering their natural creativity in a stress free environment and developing their social skills. Classes include basic dance vocabulary, stretching, music, props, games and most of all FUN.

Jazz/Acro: Jazz dance with acro allows students to explore “attitude or sass” within dance to upbeat styled music. Jazz is an extension of Ballet often having similar steps that are “turned-in” or “parallel” and is a great fuse and technique and personal style. A low center of gravity, high energy level, isolations, and style are all characteristics used to identify jazz dance. Each class consists of stretches, warm-ups, isolations, center work, turns and jumps. Students will learn sequences, several different styles of jazz dancing, strength, flexibility, and discipline plus incorporating gymnastic skills and flexibility of acro in each class.

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