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Fitness Programs @ Studio E (By Aquatics Is)

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BODY TONE: Tone and strengthen your muscles in a Low intensity class designed to meet introduce land exercise using hand weights, resistance bands, stability balls and TRX bands. A gentle approach to strength training individualized for success

TRX Suspension Training: 
The program is a functional training tool with moves designed to deliver fast, effective workouts building strength, power, endurance, and mobility. Tailored to your fitness level, the TRX tightens your core, builds muscle, and torches calories. This amazing tool will enable you to achieve peak performance, reach your goals, and get the results you want!

Beginner KettlebellsFirst time exercising with Kettlebells? Start with this class to build a safe and awesome foundation for your fitness with Kettlebells. Strengthen muscles, improve your endurance and energy, and tone your body. Instructor: Lester Jiles

Core, Cardio & Power- Personal Training in a group settingThis class is based on "FUNCTIONAL FITNESS": integrating muscle groups to move together and perform exercise tasks resulting increased cardio endurance, weight loss and improved strength. Individual coaching in a group setting with attention to healthy back exercises, safe progressions and joint stability. Cardio- Improve your heart health, endurance and stamina with intervals and total body movements. All levels welcome. Power- Move through appropriate progressions. Learn how to add more reps, more sets, more resistance and speed to increase your power.
Class includes TRX, Battle ropes, BOSU, exercise balls, bands, hand weights and more. The KEY to a pain free and injury free body!

is a low-impact exercise class that builds strength, tones the muscles and creates a long, lean body frame. Mat Pilates is an effective, precise set of exercises. It’s accessible to everyone at any level of fitness and provides countless benefits. Mat Pilates will teach the foundations of the exercise, easing new participants into the workout.

Women's Self-Defense CourseSelf-Defense training is a vital tool not just for resolving physical confrontations, but also for avoiding them entirely. Women's Self-Defense will address the specific threats women may be confronted with should a hostile scenario arise using the principles of Krav Maga to hone situational awareness and teach practical techniques to quickly incapacitate even larger or more powerful opponents through targeted strike zones and body-mass leverage. Kirk's Martial Arts and Krav Maga focuses primarily on the eponymous Krav Maga fighting style. Unlike many other martial arts, the tools learned through Krav Maga training are based purely on practical Self-Defense techniques in situations without rules or competitive regulations. Our priority is immediate safety by any means necessary, and the principles of Krav Maga carry over uniquely to our Women's Self-Defense course.  

BallettoneTM by Barre AboveFusion style conditioning for the “non” dancer, dance pilates and fitness. A fun invorhgorating workout to develop core strength, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and flexibily without the use of equipment or props. FLOW.. FUNCTIONAL.. LINKING OF MOVEMENTS.. WITHOUT STOPPING

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