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Wickline Castings Summer Camp

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Wickline Casting's TV Hosting and Anchoring

This special program is designed to introduce young professionals to the world of TV Hosting and Anchoring. Students have the chance to focus on their area of interest in the news and entertainment world. They would research projects under the guidance of staff, write their reports and deliver on-camera performances on exciting topics such as Science, History and Current Events. Behind the scenes education is also taught in operating camera and directing. Teams are developed and students will work together as hosts, reporters, camera operators and directors by delivering under ‘deadlines’, just like the pros.

Special projects include, Anchoring the News, Talk Shows, Sports Announcing, Weather, Consumer Reports, Medical Reports, Field and Traffic Reporting and TV Hosting in Music, Entertainment, Cooking, Decorating and Home Shopping formats. A huge benefit of this camp is how to conduct proper research, sharpening reading and writing skills, increasing memory, and confidence-building. This program was designed by casting director, Kathy Wickline, CSA who holds over 10,000 casting credits in film, commercials and TV. . (After camp, all footage is sent to a professional editor. Parents have the option to order a usb as a keepsake)

Wickline Casting’s Music Video Camp

Do you have an energetic performer in your household? Perhaps an aspiring choreographer or a video camera enthusiast? This program brings together a fun team that will work in unison performing with exciting ‘music videos’. In this camp your child will immerse themselves in music interpretation, creating a storyline, developing movement and/or dance routines for their favorite music videos.  

First, campers start their project with writing the ‘storyline’ of that day’s music video. Next, they decide on the ‘set’ (cool locations at the college). Finally, they are ready for choreographing and rehearsing the music video. Several music videos will be created over the course of the week. For camera enthusiasts, they will be planning, setting up/blocking and capturing many cool shots. Camper can take turns in front or behind the camera. This fun cast and crew team will promise a fun-packed day while learning new skills in team building, management and artistic creation. . (After camp, all footage is sent to a professional editor. Parents have the option to order a usb as a keepsake)

  • All footage is sent to a professional editor and parents have the option to order a USB after camp, as a keepsake.
  • Please bring a water bottle, lunch, and a snack.

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